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13 June 2018

In NSW all levels of government can acquire private property for public purposes. This is usually done under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

You may own a property which the government has an interest in, such as properties surrounding the M9 Orbital Corridor in the Camden area, or the construction of the airport at Badgerys Creek. Land can only be acquired if it is to be used for a public purpose.1

If so, Transport for NSW may acquire (purchase) your property for that purpose. Compensation will generally be assessed with consideration of the following factors:   

  1. The market value of the land
  2.  Loss attributable to severance or disturbance
  3.  Disadvantage resulting from relocation
  4.  Any special value of the land

Should you have been contacted by Transport for NSW for this purpose, you should arrange to attend our office for advice.

All reasonable costs associated with the purchase of your property are usually borne by Transport of NSW.

Mersal & Associates specialise in property acquisition matters. If Transport for NSW is seeking to acquire your property we can ensure you achieve a fair price. Call us today to arrange an appointment. 

 R & R Fazzolari Pty Limited v Parramatta City Council (2009) 237 CLR 603.