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27 August 2015

Traffic law is an increasingly difficult area of law and covers all traffic offences from speeding to negligent driving causing death. Some offences are designated major offences whilst others designated relevant offences and the balance of traffic offences falling into neither category. Where three major offences are committed within 5 years, the RMS may declare the person an habitual offender and disqualify the person from driving for a further 5 years over and above any court ordered disqualification. For more information see our article on Habitual Offenders

This area of law is further complicated by mandatory periods of disqualification and guideline judgments. Penalties for traffic offences are often harsh and it's not uncommon for a court to believe and for it in fact to be, unable to reduce the penalty even if justified. For more information see our article on Traffic Penalties

Some Common Myths & Mistakes

  1. Work licence - A period of disqualification operates to disqualify the driver from driving for the entire period without exceptions. There is no legislative provision that permits the driver to obtain a licence for the purpose of going to work. 
  2. End of Disqualification Period - When a suspension, cancellation or disqualification period expires in most cases the driver is not permitted to drive until his or her driver's licence has been renewed.

In the face of such complex legislation and in the absence of robust legal advice and advocacy, never have self represented defendants had slimmer prospects of success. Mersal & Associates is well equipped to act for you in a variety of traffic offences. We will explain your various options, the court process and the likely outcomes for guilty pleas. You can trust us to secure you a not guilty outcome or the lowest sentence possible.

Mersal & Associates specialise in traffic law. For assistance or advice on a traffic matter contact our office for an appointment.

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